Posted by: newhavenrow | March 6, 2010

Straining at the leash

The last week has seen a lot of progress, with frames all glued and cleaned up. Keel, stem and apron timber ordered from Scottish Wood and generously paid for by one of the founding members. We have got more volunteers in, one with professional wood working\ furniture making skills. Welcome onboard. This morning (saturday) saw another record attendance with 8 people working on various bits. Enthusiasm has to be curbed at times to prevent a free for all with jigsaws and power tools! and ensure the essential tasks are completed first. It is fantastic to see such energy and enthusiasm, with a group working on the skiff a couple of hours a day upto 4 days a week.

The marketing department have not stood still either and a draft logo and corporate brochure are nearly complete. They will be unveiled soon…watch this space.



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