Posted by: newhavenrow | April 14, 2010

Easter activities

Whilst most people were off on their holidays! a few hardy folk stayed behind to continue the skiff build. The hog has been fixed onto the frames and half the planks scarfed and glued. The hog has also been shaped and a few more hours of effort and it should be ready to fit the garboards.

Shaping the hog has been trial and terror as no-one really knew, infact still don’t know, what they were doing. Concerns with over enthusiastic planning and removal of larch on the hog were countered with the thought that epoxy can do great things, and fill big gaps!

A quick visit to Portobello’s build however proved very useful to see how the planks fitted onto the hog – and some useful tips were got. Many thanks guys, your suggestions are much appreciated.

All in all, the hog is looking pretty good, with not too many big gaps and a nice shape to the hull when we test fit the garboards.



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