Posted by: newhavenrow | April 29, 2010

Retrofit and Garboarded

When Alec phoned on Friday morning to ask what our progress was, I proudly told him we had one garboard on and ready to do the other one that evening. With Easter holidays out the way and all the crew back from sunning themselves at the side of a Volcano, productivity had improved dramatically. Therefore it was a bit of a shock when he told me to cease all production and could he come down to do a retrofit. The retrofit consists of 4 additional mould stations to remove the possibility of the planks sagging and ensure that you do not have to prop them up during glueing.

Fitting two halfs of a retrofit mould together

With only one garboard on it was a straight forward job to add the 4 new moulds and connect them to the new spacer bars supplied with the kit. If a skiff already has all the garboards on, it will still be possible to perform the retrofit. The moulds are split in the middle and are connected to spars before (or after) mounting.

All the retrofit moulds inplace

The additional moulds have provided a much clearer indication of the hull shape and makes it much easier to fit the planks.

Fortified with tea and bacon rolls we proceeded to pick Alec’s brain for all bits of usefull information, ranging from how to fit subsequent planks to the frame, how to make the best oars, and pros and cons of varnish vs oils. Many thanks to Alec for answering all our questions.

Fitting the retrofit moulds

Sunday 25th April. After some final tweaking, tapering the aprons all the way down to the last plank and tapering the frames on plank 1 & 2, coffee break complete with fairy cakes [supplied by Olivia (P5) and Bea (P6)] we finally commenced the glueing. Thick poridge epoxy was the order of the day and delighted to say the skiff has now been garboarded.



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