Posted by: newhavenrow | May 9, 2010

Trinity May Fair – a great success

Oar making, “guess the wood working tool” in the box, St Ayles Skiff model, rowing vouchers, poster and flyers was the extend of our involvement at the Trinity May Fair and it was great. Thank you all who participated in the “guess the wood working tool” in the toolbox – it was a chisel! 7 people got it right so a random draw got our 3 winners. We got 38 guesses, and all the funds raised from this went to the PSA.

Rowing Voucher - have a go rowing!

A big thank you to all who purchased a “rowing voucher”. When the skiff is complete the bearer of a voucher will get a go rowing in the St Ayles Skiff. Who knows they will hopefully get hooked on the sport and want to come back and perhaps participate in a few regattas.

The oar making was done outside under an a small marque, our two resident experts marked out the shape – wandered of for a cheese burger – drew on the centre lines – chatted to some punters – studied the plans and drank copious cups of tea! Gentle ribbing aside, they did draw in the crowds, did a fine job on publicising the project and pursuaded several to go and buy rowing vouchers. Come the next public event we will certainly have another go at oar making.

This was our first venture out into the public arena to promote the project and it was very pleasing to get such a positive response. I suspect we have recruited more workers and potential rowers, but alas a Primary School teachers rowing team is not quite there yet.

Sunday saw progress on the Skiff, we now have 4 planks on, planks #4 ready to have their scarfs glued, an decisive action plan on manufacturing the oars and a start made to fitting planks #3.



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