Posted by: newhavenrow | May 20, 2010

Plank 4

Plank 4 has just been glued up, both sides are done and cabin fever has set in to complete the planking as soon as possible. The skiff is really looking like a boat and extra effort on Wednesday and Thursday by our team has meant we are making good progress. Sanding and cleaning of the hull is continueing and hopefully this will mean less to do at the end.

A little technical hitch has been discovered on frame 4, where the plank meets the frame. The two have not bonded very well with a 5mm gap appearing at the bottom edge. This is the result of a slipped clamp. It will need a minor surgical procedure to fix, which Shannon has already made a start on.

Progress has also been made on the oars and Chris has bandsawed the six 13ft oars. They now await to be shaped and finished.



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