Posted by: newhavenrow | October 10, 2010

10-10-10 skiffing

A busy weekend saw Jim come down to discuss the skiff name with Roger. Styles, fonts and other fancy lettering was discussed. Good to see Jim made it down to view the skiff firsthand.

Good work Shannon for applying a second coat of primer to the hull on Saturday, further coats and maybe a top coat will be applied this week.

Oars are progressing well and Anthony and Kath have been spoke-shaving the handles, four oars are nearing completion.

Plan for the week is to apply another coat of paint on the hull, continue with the oars and finish the coxswain seat (this requires 1 more top coat)

Next Saturday the skiff will be turned, and over for the weekend, the plan is complete the last 2 thwarts, do the finishing touches on the breastplates, trim the bow and stern, test coxswain seat and fix some cleats in place. Then a final inside coat.

So we are getting there and we are beginning to make final plans for our mid-autumn! launch (subject to gales). Negotiations with Forth Ports are underway to enable us to launch from Newhaven Harbour.