Posted by: newhavenrow | January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Perfect day for a gentle row, ready to launch The Wee Michael.

Happy New Year and to start the year as we intend to continue we went out on the water in Granton Harbour for a training session. Over 20 people had a go rowing, or in the case of our very younger members – assist with rowing.

The weather was kind to us, with a relatively warm surface air temperature of 1degree, light wind and very little swell. Blishfully tropical compared to the weeks of winter weather we have been experiencing.

Several laps of the harbour were made, practicing rowing in sync, tight turns around the numerous bouys littering the harbour and some speed work to finish off the day.

Ladies out on a New Year's day row.

We had a number of complete novices out on the water who all managed very well and we potentially have a few more recruits for the ladies team.

David did a great job in coaching the “skiff wiffies” who were out in full force and were certainly not wanting to be left behind. The “skiff wiffies” are our other half who have endured and tolerated a year of absent spouses and are now keen to join in the fun.

Skiff out on the water with next team eager to have a go.


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