Posted by: newhavenrow | April 11, 2011

A row on the wild side

Strong winds in Granton Harbour

The whole weekend was supposed to be big rowing session, getting beginners and the more experienced on the water. Saturday was for beginners and this was blown off due to high winds: 5-6 South Westerlies. A bit of a let down as plenty of enthusiasm and sunshine were present, but not a great time to be coaching with a leeward harbour wall looming.

Sunday was better, the wind had dropped a notch and with the more experienced about (wanting to go far afield to Cramond) we were able to do some rowing around Granton Harbour. We did venture outside the harbour entrance for a very short while to experience the 4ft waves and strong winds. The skiff rode the waves very well, not a drop inside, and Cath swiftly turn us around and surfed us back into the relative safety of Granton.

Oars keep sliding of the wear strips