Posted by: newhavenrow | June 21, 2011

Forth Islands bagged

Inchkeith and Inchcolm have been conquered and the Newhaven Coastal Rowing flag raised. Inchkeith was reached after a rather wild row in a 3-4 North Easterly. Large waves made the row a bit unpleasant with rowers lifted from their seats time and time again. The 5 nautical mile crossing took 2 hours, but only 55 minutes on the return journey.

On a different weekend (Sunday 20th June) Inchcolm was reached at 9pm in the evening in completely different conditions. The weather was fair, sea calm and a slight breeze from the West. This was the second stage of an evening’s row having changed crews at Cramond. Shipping caused a delay in us reaching the island as we had to wait for them to pass before we could cross the shipping lane. Some seals swam very close to the stern of the skiff wondering if we had any fish onboard. No such luck. We returned to Granton at 10:30pm and were very lucky to find some water left in the harbour. The skiff was carried across thick ouzing black mud back up the slipway. The stuff certainly stinks!