Posted by: newhavenrow | November 25, 2011

New recruits get stuck in

Sunday 20 November for Newhaven Coastal Rowers witnessed some lovely autumn sunshine and 9 new recruits who arrived bright and early for their first row in Granton Harbour.  We are pleased to report that all the new recruits survived and we look forward to seeing them again both at Wednesday evening fitness training (6.30pm every Wednesday by the statue in Victoria Park) and future Sunday rows.  Having enjoyed letting some new people man the oars the Wee Michael then let some ‘old hands’ on board for a leisurely trip to Cramond.  The outgoing crew enjoyed beautifully calm conditions which made swapping positions in the boat easier meaning almost everybody go to to have a go at coxing and the stroke position which sets the pace.  It should be noted that ‘stroke’ is really hard work and serves as a reminder of why we need to do Wednesday night training to get fit for the 2012 Regatta Season.  
Not wanting to be too late for the next crew an attempt was made to beat the tide and nip through the gap in the causweway rather than rowing round the whole of Cramond island – this strategy was not entirely succesful and the Wee Michael did get a bit stuck for a few seconds.  An attempt was then made for the beach rather than the pier but some rogue sandbars meant that the crew had to disembark into the chilly November water and walk the Wee Michael in to swap crews.  Legend has it that the last crew had to wade for about half an hour to get enough water under the keel for the journey back to Granton but eye witness reports are conflicting on this issue.  Wading aside I am sure all the teams agree that messing about on the water in the autumn sunshine is a great way to spend your Sunday afternoon and that we look forward to seeing a similarly strong turnout on the next training row. 

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