Posted by: newhavenrow | February 22, 2012

£eith Decides – skiff goes to the carwash!

After a year of rowing “The Wee Michael” was well in need of a wash and, courtesy of Forthside Autovalets, she got a good scrub and hot water hose down. Special thanks go to Archie (age 6) for helping so well and getting stuck in.  Best fun he has ever had! 

The cleaning of the skiff now shows up the dents and scratches very well, but these will be fixed very soon when the skiff goes in for it’s annual service and MOT.

But before that, “The Wee Michael” was spruced up as it is going to be on display at £eith Decides, a competition to be held at Ocean Terminal on the Saturday 25th February 2012 1-3pm.  The public will vote which Leith community groups deserve grant funding to take their project forward.

What is our project?  We intend to build an “Even Wee’er Michael” so that children can enjoy a row in a more suitable skiff and have as much fun as we adults are having.

Please come and vote for us.







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