It is our club tradition to help escort the Gala queen to Newhaven Gala every year. What a great day we had this year too. The sun shone as a pirate crew set off to escort the Gala King and Queen into Newhaven Harbour.

A pirate salute to the Queen, with oars (and a cutlass) raised followed as the royal party arrived, we then plundered for coffee, gathered up some keen members of the newhaven community and, instead of making them walk the plank – we took them out for short rows and hopefully encouraged them into becoming new club members.


A small but hardy group gathered in Crieff last weekend for the annual boat maintenance/bacon roll eating weekend.

Here is the report from Bosun Chris.

The skiff has spruced up well with minimum damage to the paint work over the past year :-). There is an upgraded stroke’s footrest which won’t damage the inside of the hull now and am working on a trial, lighter weight larch slatted floor section with a new adjustable foot rest this week. The idea is to try it out and get some feed back, before settling on the design finally, to roll out for the other two rowing positions. They will hopefully also incorporate optional toe straps for more efficient rowing, as gleaned from Perry’s old time life boat racing experience, back in sunny California. His 14 year old son Owen put in a Stirling effort all weekend, and is keen to come out rowing with us, which would be a real coup…..getting a teenager in the skiff voluntarily, after all these years (in the past we have had to mug/ press gang them on the rare occasion, and even then they have jumped ship as soon as getting shore leave!!)

Resident artist Elspeth has also touched up our gold coachwork which is looking splendid. Thanks to all those who made it up and helped out.




Spring is here and (Fingers crossed) the freezing, wet, wild rowing of the winter months is done, for now.

It’s actually been a good winter for rowing. There has been some trips to the islands that are scattered around the Forth, rows to Cramond for coffee, a Boxing Day beach bonfire and the skippers found an inventive way to keep warm when not rowing (hot water bottle anyone? ).

Dont get me wrong – it’s not like its been idyllic weather, there has been weather, proper big, Scottish weather. We have rowed in rain, snow, wind, and waves so big we couldn’t get out of the harbour mouth. All makes for a fun day out though, but does mean that photos of such weathers have been lacking. It’s hard to take a photo when you are hanging on to your oar for fear of losing it!

Over the past few months, we have also recruited 12 new members to the club. For such a small club as us, this is a great increase in new rowers and hopefully will see Wee Michael in the water as much as possible now.

North Berwick Rowing Club invited us along to their 70’s themed pub quiz night where we won the Grooviest Dressers award and had an excellent night – plus it gave us food for thought for our own fund-raising plans… this space!#

FB_IMG_1461125180489FB_IMG_1461125197034 FB_IMG_1461125149275

Now its onwards with the business of rowing. The first major date in our diary is our very own Forth Midsummer Challenge on the 18th of June 2016. To see what thats all about, please look at So dust off your club t shirts and stretch your rowing muscles, lets see what the summer holds!


Here are a few photos from our winter rowing.



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