Rowing dates


We regularly hold newcomers rows in Granton Harbour. Please join our Facebook group for regular updates or get in touch and we will organise a row for you.

When can we row?

A row around Granton harbour

A row around Granton harbour

As we launch from a tidal harbour (Granton) and row on a tidal river (the Firth of Forth), all our rows are dictated by the tide.  This means the times of our rows fluctuate enormously, depending upon when high tide is.

The weather also has an impact.  We can row in the cold, in rain, in snow – you just put on more layers to stay cosy.  But sometimes the wind and waves can be a tad too rough. So we always keep an eye on the weather in advance of a scheduled row.

Who rows?

We always row with an experienced skipper who understands the tides and weather. When we know we have inexperienced crew on board, the route is chosen to match their experience.

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